Bubble camara

bubble camara

Hi, thanks in advance for any advice: I'm making an app who also works in mobile devices. When I enter the site in my mobile browser and make it appear in the main screen of the cellphone as embed webview, everything se. Sonoluminescence: nature's smallest blackbody. G Vazquez, C Camara, S Putterman, K Weninger. Optics letters 26 (9), , 80, Measurement of pressure and density inside a single sonoluminescing bubble. DJ Flannigan, SD Hopkins, CG Camara, SJ Putterman, KS Suslick. Physical review letters 96 (20). froth speed, direction, bubble size, froth stability and froth color, while also providing statistical data related to the camera-equipped flotation machines, or optionally even to build a comprehensive grade-recovery FrothSense camera image, with bubble size analysis. Red lines indicate bubble borders and blue areas. bubble camara

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